Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Wii Fit Review

I received a new toy this weekend...Wii Fit. I have been quite amazed with the Wii in general, and the new balance board attachment is no exception. I've only had a few days to test it out, but I'll sum up some of the pros and cons that I've noticed so far.


  1. Several games are quite addicting right off the bat (ski jump)
  2. Fairly good accuracy and control
  3. More physically exerting than most video games
  4. A fun way to switch up your workout
  5. A wide range of exercise categories (yoga, strength, cardio, balance)
  6. Lots of unlockables
  7. Allows you to set goals for BMI improvement and/or weight loss
  8. Records and graphs your individual Mii data
  9. Excels in balance game category

  1. A bit pricey
  2. Lots of stopping in between individual games and workouts
  3. Cardio is rather limited (infinitely better to run outside)
  4. Cumbersome to switch between Miis (limited multi-player)
  5. Wii Fit Age is a bit random (much like on Wii Sports)

We have already gotten quite a bit of enjoyment from it (and like most Wii games, it will appeal to a wide range of demographics). Overall it is a fun diversion, but don't mistake it for a replacement for a serious workout routine. It certainly excels in the balance and plyometric strength categories, and may be that extra motivation you need to get off the couch on a rainy day. Also, I don't put much stock in BMI or 'Wii Fit Age' as a fitness measurement (and you shouldn't have too thin of skin when you step on it).

Hopefully there will be more balance board games available soon. A quick search reveals that several are in the works: another fitness title (with Jillian Michaels from The Biggest Loser fame), winter sports, boxing and a horse racing game.


WiiBBG said...

Besides Jillian Michaels' Fitness Ultimatum the two most anticipated balance board games for 2008 are EA Skate It and Shaun White Snowboarding. Of course right now there's We Ski/Family Ski but it's somewhat basic.

Chief said...

Thanks for the info...I don't know if I want any part of a fitness 'ultimatum'.

Do it...OR ELSE!!

Dagny said...

Thanks for the review. My sister just got a Wii and i think she would love this.

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Nimic said...

I love my Wii. It's the only system I've been able to get the whole family to play together.

I'm glad WiiFit has been out of stock here since it was released. Initially, I wanted to buy one on the release date, but I haven't seen one in a store in the months since release. After reading all the reviews, it sounds like more of a series of physical mini games than a legitimate fitness program alternative.

I wanna be able to chain 5 or 6 exercises together and make a 30 minute repeatable workout plan. Then it'd be perfect.

Chief said...

Yeah, I'd definitely wait for the 'Fitness Ultimatum' to come out and see if it is a little better presentation. I wouldn't totally write off WiiFit, though. There are a few games that can still kick your ass. Then again, I guess most of those could be done on your own without the wii. It is the same as any routine, you get out what you put in...

Wii Fit said...

Great review really intense one good job! I really like Wii Fit and the games which are compatible with its board. I think it is one of the best innvetion Nintendo ever made!