Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Hypermiling Update: 8/11/08

I've had two tanks since my last hypermiling update. They both were near my average; one above, one below. The results are as follows:

Updated overall stats for hypermiling (since 2/4/08):

Fuel price chart:

I have not blogged about the falling gas prices yet...I do not want to jinx it. Maybe if we keep complaining about the high prices, they'll just keep falling.

Seriously, I expect the prices to keep dropping a bit throughout the year. I am not much for predictions, however, since any type of crisis can send oil up again. It is interesting that the recent troubles in the Caucasus are not having a big, immediate effect. Anyway, my view is that the oil prices were mostly run up by the weak dollar, along with other (hopefully semi-temporary) factors. We will see how long the decline lasts.

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