Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Lemond Poprad Review

Lemond Poprad 2008

I purchased the Poprad after riding several different Cyclocross bicycles. I preferred the Poprad over the Specialized Tricross and Surly Crosscheck.

Some highlights quotes from the Lemond website:
Poprad is a city in Slovakia where Matt Kelly won the first American World Championship in Cyclocross—on a LeMond.

The front and rear derailleurs are the Shimano 105 and Ultegra; so smooth you can not even tell you have shifted. The feel of the ride is smooth but it also seems to handle more like a road bike than the Specialized.

The steel frame is made in the USA, which was a selling point for me. The seat post and front fork are carbon.

Aesthetically, the Poprad is a hands down winner. The white frame with white handlebars is SICK!!

It set me back about $1500, whereas the Surly, my second choice, was a couple hundred less.


Antonio said...

what year is that white frame, Ive never seen it before!

Chief said...

The white-framed Poprad pictured is a 2008.