Saturday, September 6, 2008

Dwarf Fruit Trees

I planted a dwarf fig and lemon tree back in June. I thought I would show some pictures of their progress. Both have grown quite a bit, but the fig tree has been especially prolific.


Joshua Slocum said...

great photos of new dwarf fruit trees. I haven't grown a fig yet but I really, really, really want to as my neighbor's gorgeous fig tree taunts me daily from across the fence....and I especially like the photo of the tiny fig with the big fig leaves you have.

my dwarf fruit trees blog has lots of pictures and info on these great trees. my favorite post so far is the one about dwarf lime and lemon trees absorbing bad luck and killing evil influence according to Lilian Too the feng shui expert. : )

Chief said...

Hopefully figs are supposed to lose their leaves in the fall, because mine has only one left. Otherwise, it was a short-lived experience. I have moved it indoors, and some figs are hardy enough to winter outside, so I think I'm fine...time will tell.