Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Nike+ Sport Band

I have been testing the Nike+ Sport Band with varied success.

The trendy wristband with clock and digital read out is very user friendly and barely noticeable while running.

Just unplug your wristband piece and pop it into a USB port on your computer and your workout is uploaded to the Nike+ homepage that tracks your mileage.

The cost ($60) is very reasonable.

I have had varying success with the accuracy of the band. My first run was horrendous, partly because proper directions were practically nonexistent (think IKEA, only 10 times worse). But, I calibrated it after the first run and it has been almost perfect since. I double check my mileage with mapmyrun.com

Overall, I've been rather pleased with the Nike+ Sport Band. Has anyone else used this or higher end devices such as Garmin?


Chief said...

Re: IKEA - Did you use the bent allen wrench?

I have a Garmin Forerunner 201 that is great. I have had little success with any type of heart rate monitor.

Winston Smith said...

I just bought a Suunto t3c, as suggested in Men's Health. I will soon look, act, perform and speak like David Beckham. The watch seems pretty hand, but I have yet to use it for a daily workout routine. I will keep everyone posted.