Saturday, May 10, 2008


Alright folks, finally something of substance.

For all of the E-85er's out there who have trouble finding a station that actually has the fuel (which as a side note - I scoff at the thought of ethanol being the main driving force of escalating food prices, much like Chief said in previous posts), here is a website that has station listings. Just plug in your zip code and within seconds, power and that juicy fuel is at your finger tips.

Added bonuses - E85 merchandise, recent news, and membership capability if you are interested in getting an E85 station or pump in your town. There is a ton of info and in all honestly, I have just glossed through a lot of it. Dig in, folks!

General info site. Surprisingly enough, maybe not as of late, but more so when I first had my E-85 capable car, most who saw the little emblem on the side of my ride did not know what it meant, and even less about E-85 capabilities.

One final note - Drink Miller products (made of corn) and Go Cubs!

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