Thursday, May 1, 2008

Hypermiling Update: 5/1/08

I'd like to brag a bit about how my hypermiling has been going and thank my passengers for bearing with my learning process. Here's the graph of my latest results:

Blue Bullet

My average fuel economy has risen from around 20mpg to a solid 25.9mpg. I now have 2 recent tanks that have surpassed 30mpg, so I fully expect to continue to improve my average, especially now utilizing summer blends of gasoline. I calculate over this time period (abt 3 mos.) I have traveled 3600.4 miles using 138.8 gallons of gas (at an average price of $3.09) If I had not improved my fuel consumption, I would have used 180 gallons of fuel over the same distance...costing me an extra 41.2 gallons and about $127 (note at today's prices that is more like $145).

For those of you who have begun to use some of the techniques in the article I suggested, you may have found it hard to determine precisely how much acceleration to use and noticed that any feedback is delayed until you fill up your next tank. This makes it nearly impossible to fine tune your driving style, as any positive or negative feedback is all lost in the noise, which can be very frustrating. The remedy for this is an instantaneous sensor that plugs into your car's computer, sending you nearly any type of data that you could possibly need in real-time. Now you can tell how much fuel you are using during different rates of acceleration allowing you to tailor your driving style to maximize fuel economy. I highly recommend purchasing one if you would like to truly maximize your car's potential.

Pros: Instant feedback, only way to really get over EPA estimates, reads check engine light codes
Cons: They cost about $150, must have a 1996 or newer vehicle, not a lot of data storage or PC interface

ScanGaugeII (listed for $170, but I've seen them on sale at amazon for $140)

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