Sunday, May 4, 2008

Economic Stimulus Package

If you filed a 2007 tax return and didn't make too much money, you should be getting a check from the IRS very soon (or already have). I've been thinking about ways to spend mine. It pretty much breaks down into two categories, Save or Spend. I've tried to think of ways to spend that would actually stimulate 'y/our' economy, and/or stave off the LE. Most could be considered investments, for what it's worth.

Save (not much fun, but probably the best bet):

  1. Pay off debts (higher, revolving interest first, of course)
  2. Start or increase emergency fund
  3. Retirement account
Spend (I guess what we are 'supposed' to do):
  1. Replace your most used light bulbs with CFLs (compact florescent lamp)
  2. Get a Scangauge II
  3. Plant a fruit bearing tree in your yard (or two, check the pollination requirements)
  4. Start or expand your 'victory' garden
  5. Replace an old appliance that you hate with a new Energy Star one (old fridges, washers and freezers are a good choice)
  6. Upgrade your ride
    1. Late 90s/early '00s econoboxes are more likely a better economic solution than a new hybrid (link for good used FE cars)
    2. If you really want to get into hypermiling, get a manual transmission
  7. Look into solar power generation or hot water heating for your home (or other alternate energy sources)
    1. There are many govt (fed and state) incentives now
    2. I'll post more on this at a later date
  8. Heat your home
Or you could always get a Wii...

Any other ideas?

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