Wednesday, July 16, 2008

How About Some Good News?

Stocks are up and oil is down. Ironically, the catch is that is partially due to a slowdown in the economy:

Fears that an economic slowdown in the United States could spread to other parts of the world and lead to lower energy consumption pushed oil prices down sharply for the second day on Wednesday.
Another helpful breakthrough: President Bush is sending a senior diplomat with some Europeans to talk some sense to the Iranians. This is probably a good idea after we supposedly gave the Israelis the 'amber light' to take out the Iranian's fledgling illicit nuclear program. I fear this situation has no good ending; either the Israelis strike and all hell breaks loose, or we all keep talking and hoping and allow them to finish their nukes. Oh well, this post was supposed to be optimistic...

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Nimic said...

You forgot that gas is still going up, despite decreasing demand and lower oil prices.

I'll never understand the economy :).