Thursday, July 10, 2008

Salmonella Update

The latest report on the Salmonella 'outbreak':

I turns out is definitely is not solely tomatoes, yet not jalapeños alone either:

Raw jalapenos caused some of the illnesses, conclude CDC investigations of two clusters of sick people who ate at the same restaurant or catered event.

But jalapenos cannot be the sole culprit -- because many of the ill insist they didn't eat hot peppers or foods like salsa that contain them, CDC food safety chief Dr. Robert Tauxe told The Associated Press. As for serrano peppers, that was included in the warning because they're difficult for consumers to tell apart.
Poor Serrano peppers...they get thrown into the mix because of a case of mistaken identity.

I wonder if reported cases are increasing due to increased media coverage. Perhaps there are this many people always getting sick and simply not reporting it. I tend to get a 'stomach flu' every now and then, yet never get tested for food borne pathogens. Perhaps I should reconsider...


Jeunelle Foster said...

I certainly remember when it was said that you don't need to wash the pre-packaged salad mix because it was already washed and package.
Then people started to become sick.
Today I trust nothing that anybody says.
If they say go left I go right.

Chief said...

Yes, it is probably a good idea to wash everything...even organics. I'm not really sure if Salmonella and other nasties are easily washed off. It probably doesn't hurt to try.