Monday, July 14, 2008

I Get 70 Miles to the Gallon On This Hog

Actually, according to the intrepid CNN reporter, Bobby Staggs only gets 50-60 mpg on his custom-built tricycle moped. Considering he can pedal it and potentially get infinite mpg any time he wishes, that seems rather anemic... I found the video is good for several chuckles, however.

“We bought this for my mother about 30 years ago because she lived over on Gum Street and never had a driver’s license. She said if she had a three-wheeled bicycle, she could get back and forth to the store, so we bought it for her,” said Staggs. “It had a little motor on the front, and once she got it going, it would get her where she was going. It was fine until she turned over and broke her finger, and she never touched it again.”
I couldn't have said it better myself, Bobby. Good day to you, sir.

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